Saturday, September 3, 2011

Incident Record

One day last month, when I went to go pick Evie up from daycare, this Incident Record was attached to her sign-in sheet:


I had to sign and return the original copy to the daycare. It made me chuckle. I showed it to Greg when he got home and he thought it was funny too. "Evelyn scratched her face." Heh! She did break skin, but it was no biggie and it's such a formal procedure to follow for a baby being a baby (flailing arms + fingernails that grow fast and are hard to trim). We are hanging on to this Incident Report - we think it'll be funny to Evie when she's older.

Blogger's new look is kind of blowing my mind. It's so new! And foreign! I miss the old look I'm used to! (Technically, I can still use the old look for now, but I chose to switch to the new one). Maybe this is yet another sign that I am getting old, if this is the reaction I have to new looks.

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