Monday, December 5, 2011

Evie at 6 Months





Evie & Ben 004

  • Evie can sit up by herself now. This girl has been waiting to sit up.
  • Recently, she's been kind of getting on her knees and rocking. She can also scoot backwards, although it's unlikely to be intentional at this point. She's on her way to crawling!
  • She can sort of hold herself up in a standing position, though she's wobbily at it and it only lasts a couple minutes at a time.
  • She's starting to be able to hold her own bottle.
  • She's graduated to eating green beans!
  • She's increasingly vocal, including yelling as she entertains herself.
  • She's learned how to really laugh and it makes me smile.
  • Peek-a-boo has lost its luster. She doesn't get quite as amused by it as before, like when we first started doing it and she was like, Whoa, where did you just go?. I didn't think it'd go so fast!
  • She's a stomach sleeper, now that she can roll over whenever she wants. At first, I was like, Noooooooo, you're supposed to sleep on your back to be saferrrrrrr. I'm over it now. There's no stopping her from rolling on to her belly.
  • I sometimes find her in her crib sleeping with her butt up in the air. Heh!
  • Couple weeks ago, she had gunky eyes and pinkeye was suspected. Daycare didn't want her going until we went to the doctor to confirm whether it was pinkeye or not. Turns out it was not pinkeye, but likely a symptom of a cold she had at the time. Whew! I was convinced that we were going to wake up with crusted over eyes or something, which isn't the end of the world, but not preferable.
  • Along with the above-mentioned cold, we were frequently wiping Evie's nose. Love is wiping your child's snotty, crusty nose, like, 10 times a day despite being grossed out by it. Before actually having a child, it was easy for me to think to myself that I would not have a gross child that went around with a snotty, crusty nose. Turns out that's easier said than done, because Evie does not like to have her nose wiped. Many times, nose wipes are followed by crying. True, recovery from said crying is quick after nose-wiping ends. But a freshly wiped nose quickly becomes a snotty, crusty nose once again in only a short amount of time. Sometimes, if it's not that bad, I just say, nevermind.
  • Evie looks like a giant compared to her cousin, Ben, who was born six months after her, to the day. Can't believe how much babies grow in only six months!

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