Sunday, December 11, 2011

Purse Organizer

I was thinking the other day how much I liked my purse organizer, so I wanted to share it real quick. Earlier this year, I bought this purse organizer from an Etsy shop called Divide and Conquer and it's been awesome for making order out of my black hole of a purse:

Note: That's not my stuff; these are pictures from the Etsy listing.

It's got a lot of pockets and structure to it, and it's made out of sturdy fabric, so it holds up well. I'm not really a color or pattern person when it comes to accessories, so I went with basic black, but the seller has a variety of colors and fabrics, as well as different sizes and shapes of organizers. I recommend it!

My posts as of late have been pretty baby heavy (not that I regret it). I have been getting little pockets of craft time in, but it's all working towards a couple of package projects that I'll post about soon.

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