Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Food Truck Friday

Greg and I went to Food Truck Friday last week. We'd heard about it before, but never went since I'm not always downtown during the day.

Garlic tots (from a cart that I don't remember the name of) and a bratwurst with sauteed mushrooms and onions from Short Leash Hot Dogs:

Beef Moki, also from Short Leash Hot Dogs:

Greg also got a frybread something or other that I only got a brief peek at before he snarfed it down, so no pictures of that.

We showed up at 11:30, a bit before the lunch rush. The Short Leash Hot Dogs line was the longest, but I'd heard good things, so I wanted to try it. It was good . . . but $5 and a 15 minute wait good? Not sure . . . The whole food truck experience was worth a try though, if only just because it's not something that we usually do and it was sans baby. I think we may go back again to try some of the other trucks that we didn't get to last week.

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