Friday, February 10, 2012

Evie at 8 Months

Evie turned eight months at the end of January.

On our ski trip. Fell asleep in my arms while on a walk around the ski resort:

Having some lychee snow from Boba Tea House. It has dairy in it, but we gave a little bit to her anyway:

Pulling herself up using various things:



Ten little fingers peeking up over the edge of the coffee table:

  • Early in January, she was scooting around - not quite hands and knees crawling, but close. On January 12, she started crawling for real. It was literally overnight - one day scooting, next day crawling. She could also almost go from a crawling position to a sitting position.
  • She's pretty happy now that she can romp around all on her own. Now, she doesn't want to be held, she wants to be on the ground, crawling around and looking at things. We put in some cabinet locks and socket plugs the day after she started to crawl.
  • A week after she started crawling, she started to pull herself up onto her knees and if using the right height of object to support herself (i.e., not too tall), she can pull herself up to a standing position. How did that happen so fast?!
  • One day, she was sitting on the couch playing with the toy from her walker (this Chicco DJ Baby Walker). As we picked her up to take her somewhere else, she couldn't play with the toy using her hands anymore, but used her feet to keep banging on the toy. It's not as funny telling the story after the fact, but it made me laugh at the time.
  • She crawls after the cats, but they are faster and more nimble than she is. And they are afraid of her.
  • She sometimes comes at us with an open mouth like she's going to eat us, but we think she is trying to kiss us. Maybe. It's hard to tell. The only thing that we can really rule out is that she's not actually trying to eat us.
  • The daycare said that a bottom tooth was starting to poke out. The next day (January 20), we looked and the tooth seemed to have broken through a bit. What! Where's my baby going?! So far, little to no teething-related fussiness, it seems.
  • She's learned how to blow raspberries as of January 24th.
  • By later in January, she could go from a crawling to a sitting position and vice versa.
  • She apparently got a little bruise on her right cheek at daycare from romping around TOO much and crawling in/on things that aren't meant to be crawled in/on (toy buckets, book shelves, etc.).

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