Monday, March 19, 2012

Iowa Cafe

Greg and I like trying out little mom-and-pop and/or greasy spoon-type restaurants and after the better part of a year in Mesa, we finally went to try Iowa Cafe. It was good value - reasonably priced with decent-sized portions. The first time we went, Greg asked how big the pancakes were to decide if he wanted a stack of two or three, which the server showed him by making a circle with her hands, but when they came out, they were bigger than expected, which is always a pleasant surprise.

We went again tonight, and this time, I took pictures (because I dislike blog posts without pictures, if I can help it).

Pancakes and sausage:
IMG-20120319-00027_Iowa Cafe

IMG-20120319-00026_Iowa Cafe

Denver three-egg omelette with toast and homefries (the homefries are quite tasty):
IMG-20120319-00028_Iowa Cafe

Evie (maybe the picture wouldn't be all blurry if she sat still like the food):
IMG-20120319-00024_Iowa Cafe

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