Friday, March 16, 2012

No Hambly Washi Tape and More on Fun

Earlier in the week, I went to "Etc" (TSFKASE - the store formerly known as Scrapbooks, Etc), the store that I longed consider the best scrapbook store around, looking for some Hambly washi tape. They didn't have it. It was a tragedy, really. I even asked. Like a store person. Normally, I'm too timid to ask anybody anything. Instead, I ended up going with some Tim Holtz tissue tape. I went around the paper section in search of Hambly paper and overlays as well, since I remember seeing that there, but either I missed it or they don't carry Hambly anymore.

The girl behind the counter at the scrapbook store was listening to Some Nights (the new Fun CD) and I asked her if it was good (her answer: yes). We then had a brief conversation about The Format and also about when Fun was at Zia Records in Chandler not that long ago (she said her sister went and it was crowded). Earlier in the year, I briefly entertained the idea of trying to go to that. I quickly put the kibosh on that idea. So quick that it never even warranted mention to Greg. It was on a work night. Shudder the thought of going to bed late on a work night and be tired for work the next day. Annnnndddddd . . . I'm old.


Greg mentioned to me earlier in the week that We Are Young is doing really well on the Billboard charts. I was curious where it sat today - apparently number one! Good for them.

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