Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Baby Blanket Fixed

Several years ago, we got this baby blanket at an arts and craft show. We saved it until Evie came and then we used it for her carseat when the weather started to get colder. Although the original brocade looked really cute, it didn't hold up well, and the brocade squares started to fray and detach from the stitching. I bought some starry blue fabric at JoAnn's to replace the brocade pieces.


I finished fixing it just in time for the summer! Just kidding. But not really. The daycare teachers said that she naps with it during the day. I don't see her being that attached to it at home though, unless she's been without it for so long that she doesn't even remember it . . .

I bought some fabric last weekend to make another mini baby quilt. Since it is only 9 squares with no batting or actual quilting, it comes together relatively quickly on the sewing machine. I haven't decided if I'm going to tackle that next or work on my BIG pink quilt. The big pink quilt is so big it's almost daunting. I need to just do it.

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