Sunday, April 1, 2012

Evie at 10 Months

Evie turned 10 months at the end of March.


We found all these Goldfish crumbs in Evie's sleeper while changing her after giving her Goldfishes without a bib:

  • At the beginning of the month, she really got the hang of using her walker to get around.
  • Also at the beginning of the month, she learned how to round the corner of the coffee table while using it as support.
  • She got her teeth brushed for the first time.
  • She protests when something is getting taken away from her.
  • She seems to somewhat understand "No."
  • She unplugs power strips very effectively, so we had to put a plug cover over the outlet next to Greg's computer.
  • She stands at the baby gate and shakes it like she's in jail.
  • She "understand[s] her father is the sexiest man alive." -Greg's contribution to my monthly Evie post
  • I left her alone for a minute to grab my laptop in the other room and when I came back out, I found her PLAYING IN THE CAT WATER. The horrors! At least it wasn't the litter box.
  • She's learned how to climb the stairs all the way to the top by herself.
  • She's getting better at doing the things we do - she'll clap if we clap, she'll shake her head if we shake our head . . . also blow raspberries and click her tongue.
  • We found a spoon in her carseat, probably from a restaurant we went to. Not just at the bottom of her carseat. It had somehow gotten under the padding and the plastic, and it was interfering with the mechanism that hooks into the car seat base. We had to take the padding half off to figure out what was wrong with it and retrieve the spoon.

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