Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Evie at 21 Months


I felt like I needed to document all the things that Evie does now. Such a big difference that half a year makes.

  • Can point to many body parts when asked in both English and Chinese.
  • Recognizes and can identify family members other than mommy and daddy. Particularly grandparents.
  • Can do hand gestures for The Wheels on the Bus and Itsy Bitsy Spider (learned from daycare). We also discovered that she knows If You're Happy and You Know It. I also see Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (at least the parts I know) and Two Tigers (两只老虎) to her in Chinese, but there are no hand gestures for those that I know of.
  • Can eat solids fairly well with a spoon.
  • Still likes fruit. Also likes yogurt and cottage cheese. For a long time, she got fruit for breakfast at daycare while other kids got cereal. She might get cereal now.
  • Once she gets her breakfast at daycare, we are dead to her. No amount of saying "goodbye" or "I love you" gets her to look our way.
  • No longer needed the baby gate, which we took down, because based on what we've seen, she didn't tend to go downstairs by herself. Recently, though, she's starting to go up and down by herself by crawling, which I'm okay with.
  • We started going on bike rides again with the bike trailer. After a couple of rides with a helmet, she knows that she needs one when riding the bike trailer.
  • Is a fan of the playground now.
  • Says "side" when she wants to go outside, which is a lot lately now that she has beach toys. Costco currently has a $10 bucket of beach toys that's well worth it.
  • Can answer questions with "yah" or shake her head no, although sometimes she answers "yah" to questions that we can tell she doesn't understand. Evie, do you want to eat poop? "Yah!" Oh, nevermind, she already did that. Ha. We don't really ask her that.
  • Knows how to say "please," but isn't very good about it using it all the time. Mostly she just ends up saying "mine!" very insistently. She's also getting better at saying "thank you" in Chinese.
  • Says "chee" when she sees a camera pointed at her. Also learned from daycare, I have to think. Lately, she's wanted to hold the camera herself. That spells trouble.
  • Still gets so excited when petting the cats, which freaks the cats out when she laughs wildly. I tell her to be gentle in Chinese (輕 - "ching"), but she doesn't quite know the difference between that and kiss in Chinese (親 - also "ching").
  • Likes to help us out with things around the house, like throwing dirty clothes into the hamper or throwing trash away, and she'll do it from all the way across the house.
  • Seems to like bedtime and goes to bed at almost the same time every night (~7:00), although recently she's been shaking her head no to bed, so maybe that is changing.

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