Monday, March 18, 2013

Hello again, sewing

Last week, my friend, Emily, brought up wanting to make this dress:

It made me want to revisit actually, finally, finishing this pink baby quilt, which is my biggest and guiltiest unfinished sewing project. I started it before I realized how poorly brocade (despite it looking so good) holds up in the wash and dry routine needed for baby stuff, which I experienced with this blue baby quilt that we bought years ago at an arts & crafts show.

I pulled it out one night and laid it out to finish treating the seams of the brocade squares with Fray Check, in hopes that it'd avoid the same fate as the blue baby quilt. Later in the week, Evie saw the quilt top, laid on it, and seeing the minky fabric, called it a blankie (in Chinese :) ). That did it. I had to finish it before it ceased to be useful. I bought some minky fabric to back the quilt, as well as anti-pill fleece for the batting, and got the quilt almost 100%:


The only couple things left to do are to close up the opening I left to turn the quilt right side out and to stitch in the ditch of the horizontal seams to keep the blanket's layers from shifting. Legit quilters will think this quilt sucks. Evie will think all that matters is its minkiness. I think this means that I can start other sewing projects now, guilt-free.

While I was at it with the quilt, I also finished a few other small sewing projects, including a pincushion, fixing the seam of a Winnie the Pooh stuffed pillow toy, and sewing a speaker wire organizer for Greg's car. I also Googled how to blind stitch a hem, so now I'm feeling confident enough to actually try hemming a pair of Greg's pants that been sitting on the floor behind my sewing machine for probably a year now.

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